50 Years of Embracing Lives

50 Year Stand Alone Mark
And We are Ready to Do More!

Having been founded in 1972, we are looking forward to great things in our 50th year. Our moto for this year is Ready to Do More, and we are grateful and excited to move forward.

In looking back, we realize it has taken thousands of people who have given countless hours of their time, treasures, and talents to bring us this far.  Nearly 50,000 women and children’s lives have been helped, but our work has only begun!

We continue our commitment to our mission of offering non-judgmental compassion, support, resources, and free medical care to women facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy and to uphold the value of every life; To be a beacon of hope for every woman who come through our door.




Latest Posts

The Mobile Clinic happened to be in her neighborhood

When Christy thought she we pregnant, a little online research led her to the Sacramento Life Center. She first called the hotline to make an appointment, then discussed her options with Dolly, a patient advocate for our Mobile Medical Clinic. That's when she was able to really open her heart.Read more

Her boyfriend unknowingly called the Sacramento Life Center Mobile Clinic

Brandi came to visit the Sacramento Life Center's Mobile Medical Clinic when she was just a few weeks into her pregnancy. She was single, in college, and working two jobs to make ends meet. With the added pressure of her boyfriend encouraging her to get an abortion, she didn't know what other options she had, until she talked to one of our patient advocates.Read more

She didn't think she was ready for a baby, until she saw...

Christy came to the clinic for pregnancy testing and told her patient advocate that she was undecid​ed about continuing her pregnancy. Just out of high school, she was leaning toward abortion because she wasn't sure she was ready to have a baby.Read more

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