Real Life


Real Life is an engaging and relevant series of presentations that allows students to reflect on how all of today's choices affect their future.

Real Life's message includes the benefits and power of sexual self control.  Our goal is to empower students to make healthy choices by saving sex for marriage.

Students are able to mature emotionally, socially, and relationally when the pressures of sexual relationships are not dictating their lives.  When they are not worried about contracting an STD, experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or mending a broken heart, they are free to develop their dreams, goals, and ambitions.

All presentations are customized to meet your specific needs.  Presentations are age appropriate, culturally sensitive, and tailored to each group that is being addressed.

For more information, please contact Ashley at or (916) 451-4357.

Real Life Presenters

Ashley and Matt
​Ashley Boddorf joined the Sacramento Life Center as a hotline volunteer in 2004. She transitioned from volunteer to peer counselor and currently serves as the Real Life Program Coordinator. Each aspect of this work has inspired her to encourage and empower those around her to make healthy decisions. Ashley has always had a strong desire to see youth reach their highest potential, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Matt worked with youth for many years at his local church and graduated from college with a minor in youth ministry. After college Matt partnered with a very talented local music artist and helped with promotion and management. Their goal was to provide the region with a positive life changing message contrary to the mainstream popular music that so commonly runs through the headphones of today’s youth. Matt has always had a passion to see young people seek what is best for their lives and for this reason is excited to join his wife Ashley and provide a male perspective to the Real Life program.

Ashley and Matt met as teenagers in their youth group. They served in youth leadership together for several years and both graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees from Epic Bible College in Sacramento, CA. They have been married 10 years and continue to serve their community in various ways.

What Students Are Saying:

“I liked the way it was presented and it can actually help people reflect and make a difference.”
- Teen @ Luther Burbank High School                                                  

“She knew how to speak to us and help us realize a lot of things about ourselves.”
- Eighth grader @ Local Church Youth Group

"It was very informational and I am glad I got to attend. I am glad I know about the different diseases and how having sex before marriage can change your whole life. I think every junior high student should go to a Real Life Presentation."
- Eighth grader

"The thing I liked most about the presentation was seeing where we get influenced to have sex like TV, movies and music."
- Teen

"The potty training analogy was pretty cool because it makes things sound more realistic and easy to control."
- Teen

What Administrators/Parents Are Saying About Real Life

The Real Life Program is the best "choices" and "abstinence" program I have seen for high school students.  The curriculum and presenters are engaging, speak a language that students connect with, and impart a critically important message, one that adheres to our Gospel values and is relevant in today's world.  I highly recommend the Real Life Program.

- Paul Weber, Principal - Mercy High School 


I thought the program was very interesting and very informative. The Real Life Program has helped me to keep the lines of communication open with my kids. I really like that it teaches the importance of self-respect and by making good choices at a young age, will only foster the need to make good choices as an adult. The stories of the presenters were quite compelling and certainly got the message across. Every child and adult should experience the Real Life Program.

- Jr. High Parent


I was so pleased to be able to use the educational services of the Sacramento Life Center as part of a team of presentations for a Young Woman's Conference we created. There presentation was dynamic, honest, impactful and appropriate for a school setting. We heard from our students that they appreciated the information and used it to their benefit. 

I have further used the services of the Center to access resources for students as needed and have found them to be excellent and just the right information we needed. Thank you for all your services and help. Your presentation made such a difference for my students and even some parents.

Sheril Mahan-Anderson
Student Outreach Specialist
Visions in Education
San Juan Unified School District 

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