In the fall of 2011, Veronica, feeling scared, upset, confused and all alone came to the Sacramento Life Center for some support.  She had found herself with an unexpected pregnancy.   She felt like she had nowhere else to turn and had no other choice but to have an abortion.  She had turned to her mother for support and her mother gave her an ultimatum to either have an abortion or get kicked out of the house.  Veronica was frightened and contacted her father (her parents were separated).  Her father worked long hours and lived in a small apartment.  He told her since her mother had kicked her out she could come stay with him.  Veronica was very stressed and moved in with her father.  Shortly afterwards she miscarried.  

In September 2015, Veronica contacted the Sacramento Life Center once again and asked for her Patient Advocate, Gloria.  When she asked if Gloria remembered her, Gloria said, “Yes, absolutely I do!”  Veronica replied, “I remember all the support you offered me the last time I came to the Sacramento Life Center.  I came in confused, frustrated, depressed and after talking to you I left with strength to have my baby.  I had real answers to my problems and I felt supported instead of judged.  I didn’t feel all alone.  I felt like I had a new friend.”

Veronica Shared with Gloria that again she had an unexpected pregnancy.  She was once again scared to tell her parents.  She needed resources and support and someone that could guide her.  Veronica immediately thought about the Sacramento Life Center.  She knew that she could go to the Sacramento Life Center and talk to Gloria about her worries, needs and unexpected pregnancy. 

Gloria spent time talking to Veronica at length.  She advised her not to panic and asked her what she planned on doing.  Veronica said, “Definitely have her baby!”  Gloria gave her plenty of resources and reassured her that the Sacramento Life Center would help her. Veronica said she felt much better after talking to Gloria. 

Veronica mentioned she also referred her friend to us who is also in crisis with an unexpected pregnancy.  She said her friend’s parents kicked her out of the house.  She is now homeless, unemployed and doesn’t have a cell phone.  She said her friend is very stressed out and the father of her baby left her after she told him she was pregnant and didn’t want to have an abortion.

Veronica said, “I told my friend I am sure if you call the Sacramento Life Center and ask for Gloria, she will help you.  You will get the help you need right now.  You will get real answers to your problems and the support you need all through your pregnancy, even after your baby is born.  Gloria will be there for you.  She really does care about you and your baby.  The Sacramento Life Center is there to help and not to judge you.  They helped me and they will help you too!”

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More Patient Stories

Christy came into the clinic for a pregnancy test and shared that she was undecided about continuing her pregnancy.  Actually she was leaning towards getting an abortion. Because, she and her boyfriend didn’t believe they were ready for a baby.  They were young, having just graduated from high school and planning to go to college.

Christy was living with her parents who were supportive of any decision she wanted to make, but she didn't want to put a burden on her parents.

Maricel, a 31 year old widow from the Philippines, came to the Sacramento Life Center looking for answers.  She entered the counseling room, after a positive home pregnancy test.  She was anxious to know if she really was pregnant.  She had been trying to become pregnant for years and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the positive sign.  At the Life Center, Maricel’s peer counselor Ambar told her, “It is positive!”  Maricel smiled and said, “I am pregnant.”  She shared how very happy and excited she was.  

I was feeling scared, confused, and uncertain.  I didn’t know what would happen inside the abortion clinic and I was beginning to wonder why I wanted to have an abortion in the first place.  It was the morning of my abortion appointment...