My name is Stacy. I’m an 18 year old high school student. When I found out I was pregnant, I felt like my world was falling apart. I was in an abusive relationship; my boyfriend beat me. I was scared that if I had his baby, I would be stuck with a guy who would throw me on the floor, and kick and punch me every day for the rest of my life. I was full of fear. The only thing I could think of was an abortion.

I went to an abortion clinic. They didn’t care about me or my situation. They told me I was only four weeks along and offered me an abortion; however I had to first apply for Medi-Cal. Getting Medi-Cal was a lengthy process, but with it I’d be able to get an abortion behind my parent’s backs. 

With Medi-Cal in place, I went back to that cold clinic. No one there cared that I cried myself to sleep at night.  No one cared that I thought of suicide. This time they told me I needed an ultrasound in order to get an abortion. Since ultrasounds were only offered once a month, I would have to wait. By the time they could do an ultrasound, I would be so far along that the abortion would have to be a two day procedure.

I had to get an ultrasound right away. The Sacramento Life Center’s website said they did ultra sounds for free. This was my last hope. I didn’t care about my friends, my family, or the number one thing - my baby.  

At the mobile clinic I met Gloria. She was friendly and different from what I’d experienced at the abortion clinic. I told Gloria I was pregnant and needed an ultra sound so I could get an abortion. Gloria welcomed me into the counseling room. Talking with her made me feel for the first time that someone actually cared about me. I told her about my situation and she told me that I didn’t have to stay in an abusive relationship. I told her I felt alone and she reminded me that God was there with me. She was right, but all I wanted was the ultra sound picture so that I could get the abortion. I was given an appointment for an ultrasound.

I went to my ultrasound appointment. As soon as I looked at the monitor, my baby started moving and a flood of emotion came over me. I thought, “Who am I to take life?” The sonographer told me she thought it was a girl and I thought, “This could be my little princess.”

Gloria invited me to talk with her again. She welcomed me back with a big smile and encouraged me to make a decision. I made the right decision! Look at Alline! She truly is a blessing.

The Sacramento Life Center helped me throughout my pregnancy. One of the Male Counselors helped me get a restraining order against my ex-boyfriend. My life has changed for the better. I don’t have the words to say thank you enough. If it hadn’t been for Gloria, the Life Center team and for God’s love, I would not have my daughter Alline.

Stacy, Alline, and counselor, Gloria
Stacy, Alline, and their counselor: Gloria.


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