“There are Wonderful People at Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic (Sacramento Life Center)!

In March of 2014, I felt like something was different and had the suspicion that I might be pregnant.  At the time, my boyfriend and I couldn't afford much, sometimes not even food, so buying a pregnancy test was a little out of the question.  When my cousin helped me find a place to go for a test, we stumbled upon your clinic.  I was so nervous making the appointment and then coming in.  The counselor I met with made me feel more comfortable, I didn't feel judged at all.  Turns out I was pregnant. 

You have no idea how grateful I am for everything you had done for me.  Thanks to you, I found out about getting government support and I applied for WIC.  All the information about my pregnancy, the prenatal vitamins and the wonderful handmade blanket were far more than I had expected.

 We came back for the ultrasound and I was just in tears.  I was so happy.  My boyfriend came with and met one of the male counselors.  We are both still so thankful for your help giving our baby a healthy start. 

We ended up moving away from Sacramento and wound up in Dallas, Texas.  We had a healthy baby boy.  He was 6lbs 11oz.  He is named after his dad, but we call him CJ.  Every time I wrap him in his blanket, I think of y'all. 

Again, thank you so much and have a wonderful day.”

Meet Baby Colin

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