I was feeling scared, confused, and uncertain.  I didn’t know what would happen inside the abortion clinic and I was beginning to wonder why I wanted to have an abortion in the first place.  It was the morning of my abortion appointment.  I approached the clinic, it seemed cold and unfriendly.

A few steps from the door, a sweet voice called out to me.  It was a sidewalk counselor named Elizabeth.  She motioned for me to come over and invited me to talk with her. I was glad to delay going into the clinic, so I agreed to listen to her.  She shared information about abortion and told me about the Sacramento Life Center.

In talking with Elizabeth, my concerns about abortion were validated and I began to feel some relief.  She offered to drive me to the Life Center’s nearby Mobile Medical Clinic.  I agreed, but still had some reservations about continuing my pregnancy.

I met with Ambar, the Patient Advocate at the Life Center.  Ambar was very kind and she was interested in me and my family.  I told her I had 3 children already: a 20 year old daughter, a 12 year old son and an 8 year old daughter.  I had been with my husband for 20 years and I got pregnant with our first daughter at just 14 years of age.  At that time I wasn’t ready to have kids, I was too young.  I took the Morning After Pill, but it failed!  Only God knows why.  I believe my daughter was meant to be here, but now things were different.

I didn’t want any more children.  Three kids were more than enough, besides I was going to be a grandmother soon as my oldest daughter was also pregnant.  I planned to help my daughter with day care while she was in school and at work.  Now that I was pregnant, I wouldn’t be able to help as much. 

Another reason I wanted an abortion was because my husband had become verbally abusive.  He would drink, get angry and say bad words.  In spite of these problems, he was a responsible man and a good father.  He gave me and my children everything we needed and he was supportive of the pregnancy.  Ambar gave me referrals and encouraged me to get counseling with my husband.  I am hopeful we will be successful.  We both want our marriage to work

Ambar asked if my decision about the pregnancy had changed since I had gone to the abortion clinic that morning.  I said that after talking with Elizabeth and Ambar, I would continue my pregnancy.  Talking with Elizabeth was an eye opener for me and I realized that I had been about to make a huge mistake.  Ambar offered more information on abortion, but I told her I didn’t need it.  With all the resources and information Ambar had given me, I told her I was 100% sure I was going to continue my pregnancy.

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