It was a Friday afternoon in September when Linda was scheduled to come in for a pregnancy test at the Sacramento Life Center. 

Linda is a single 43 year old African American female.   She did not want to be pregnant.  Linda said, “If I’m pregnant, I will abort.”  I asked Linda why she had made the decision to have an abortion.  She answered, “I have never wanted to have any children.  I am a career woman with a demanding job.  I am currently working as an administrative assistant in a very high paying position.  I like being independent and this is another reason I have never gotten married.  I like making my own schedule and doing things on my time.”  I asked about the father of the baby.  She said he was only an acquaintance.   She was not in a relationship with him.   Then she added, “I have been on the birth control pill since I turned 18 years of age and have never gotten off the pill until I turned 40 years old.  When I turned 40 the pill made me very emotional and I could tell the difference.  I didn’t like not feeling like myself.  I got off the pill, felt much better, and lost 40 pounds.”  

I discussed abortion and its risks.  Linda was very educated on the matter of abortion.  She had done her research on abortion, her cycle, and the risks of abortion.  I was very impressed with all her knowledge on abortion.  Linda was also very interested in the information I gave her.  She asked, “Gloria, is this what you do here at The Sacramento Life Center?”   I said, “Yes, we believe in educating women and empowering women to make an informed decision.  Their decision should be based on facts and truth not fear or ignorance.  A lot of women choose to abort because they are ignorant to the facts of what abortion does to them both physically and emotionally, for the short term as well as long term.” 

Linda was very surprised to hear what the Sacramento Life Center stood for.  She was also very supportive of our mission here at the Sacramento Life Center.  Linda’s pregnancy test appeared to be negative.  Linda said, “There must have been a more powerful reason why I chose to come into the Sacramento Life Center for my pregnancy test.”  She stated, “I have learned a lot from you today.  The Sacramento Life Center stands for educating women and empowering them to make an informed decision on abortion, but also teaches women how to make life-changing decisions based on truth and facts not fear.  I’m a very educated independent woman and stand firm on the concept of education.  I will highly recommend the Sacramento Life Center when given the opportunity.”  Linda gave me a big hug and smiled.  I was happy to hear the Sacramento Life Center really makes a difference in people’s lives.

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