Kasey was undecided about her pregnancy, she was nervous and scared; she was the mother of a two year old little boy and was not sure she could handle another baby.  Kasey was also fearful that her relationship with her boyfriend would end.  He was not thrilled at the idea of her being pregnant and told her she should have an abortion.  

Kasey met with the Patient Advocate, Dolly where she was able to express her thoughts and feelings about everything.  Kasey shared that when she was pregnant with her little boy she did not want to be pregnant and was contemplating having an abortion.  But now that she has him she could never imagine life without him.  Dolly told Kasey that people don’t regret having their babies, but they do usually regret having an abortion.  So if this was something she was thinking about she really needed to take her time and educate herself.  This decision would be with her for the rest of her life.  

The test at the clinic was positive and an ultrasound was recommended to Kasey, so she could see for herself what was going on.  Dolly encouraged Kasey to talk to her boyfriend and to have him come with her to the ultrasound, so he could see the baby and talk to one of our male Patient Advocates. 

Kasey and her boyfriend came back to the clinic a week later for her ultrasound.  Her boyfriend, Chad met with Patient Advocate Steve, where he was able to express his feelings. Steve encouraged Chad to talk to Kasey about his feelings and to go into the ultrasound appointment with an open mind. 

During the ultrasound appointment Kasey and Chad were able to meet their baby. They discovered the baby was seven weeks and three days.  The baby had a strong heartbeat. After seeing that, Kasey & Chad knew an abortion was no longer an option. They were surprised to see how developed the baby was at an early stage.

Kasey and Chad were very thankful that they found the Sacramento Life Center.  Without the kindness of staff and free services provided, they may not have ever been able to make an informed decision about their pregnancy.  Kasey is due in soon and promises she will keep everyone posted about her pregnancy and the arrival of the baby.

Meet Baby Colin

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