A 16 year old girl came to the Life Center’s Mobile Medical Clinic for a pregnancy test.  She looked scared, worried and unsure.  I assured her she had come to a safe place where everything would be confidential.  She said she really didn't know what to expect, but soon seemed to become more at ease.

I asked her about herself and her family. She timidly shared that her mom didn't know she may be pregnant and she was afraid to tell her. We discussed how she might tell her mom. She shared with me that when she told her boyfriend that she may be pregnant, he immediately told her he wanted her to get an abortion.  That hurt her feelings and it made her realize he probably didn't care about her as much as she had hoped.  She told him she didn't want to have an abortion.  I challenged her to think about that a little and asked why she didn’t want to have an abortion?  She said, “Because it's wrong to kill a baby".  Again I wanted her to think about her answer.  I asked, "How can it be wrong if abortion is legal?”  She said, “It is murder and God says it's wrong.”

After a positive pregnancy test, she cried and asked what now?  We discussed adoption, parenting, and abortion.  She said she didn’t think adoption was the right choice for her and was more inclined to want to keep her baby.  I reminded her about what she had said about abortion and advised her not to allow anyone to pressure her into doing something she didn’t want to do.  I encouraged her to talk to her mother.  We discussed the programs available to help her graduate from high school and pursue her goals for college.  I gave her referrals to adoption agencies and prenatal care.  I explained fetal development and gave her information on the risks and methods of abortion.  She was amazed to see pictures of babies in the womb that were about the size of her baby according to her last menstrual period.  She was given some prenatal vitamins and a handmade baby blanket.

I assured her that she could become a parent and complete her goals in life.  The Sacramento Life Center would be here to help her.  We set an appointment for an ultrasound and she left less fearful and more confident in herself that day.

A few days after the ultrasound she told me she hadn't yet told her mother and was still undecided about what to do about her pregnancy.  After another week had gone by, she let me know she had told her mom who promptly kicked her out of the house.  She had moved in with her sister who was supportive of her and her pregnancy.  She told me that she had made the decision to continue her pregnancy and parent her baby.  She sounded happy.  I encouraged her to follow through with getting prenatal care started.  

Over the course of her pregnancy, we have spoken many times.  She says the father of her baby wants nothing to do with her or the baby and he is angry with her for not getting an abortion.  She is a brave young lady who is doing the best she can under difficult circumstances.  She is excited about the upcoming birth of her baby girl this fall and grateful for the support she has received.  She says she doesn't know what she would have done without the emotional support we provided and because of it she doesn't feel all alone anymore.

Meet Baby Colin

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