In the summer of 2013 Ivy discovered she was pregnant.  She had taken a home pregnancy test and was shocked by the positive result.  Her mind was racing and she was not sure what to do next.  She decided to go for a drive to clear her mind.  While on her drive she happened to see the mobile clinic and felt it was a sign.  She stopped in and was quickly greeted by Dolly, the patient advocate on duty. 

Dolly sat down with Ivy and spoke to her about her situation.  Ivy shared she was nervous about the pregnancy and didn’t know what to do from here.  She was married, but her relationship with her husband was on the rocks and they had separated.  Ivy was contemplating abortion; she didn’t want to bring a baby into a broken marriage and had no support from her husband.  Ivy was also concerned about the three children she already had and how this would impact them. 

Dolly and Ivy were able to talk openly about her life and her situation.  The possible physical and emotional affects of abortion were discussed as well.  Ivy was very receptive to the information, but was still undecided.  Dolly asked Ivy about her three children and what it was like to be pregnant with them.  Ivy shared she had amazing pregnancies and didn’t know where she would be without her kids.  Ivy broke down and said “I don’t want to kill my baby, but I feel like I have no other choice.” 

Dolly reassured her that she had enough time to think about this.   She also let her know of resources that could help her continue the pregnancy and provide for her baby.  Dolly encouraged her to come back for a free ultrasound to see her baby.  Ivy agreed and after a positive pregnancy test at the clinic she made an appointment to come back for an ultrasound.   

At the ultrasound appointment Ivy was able to see what was happening with her baby.  She discovered she was very early in pregnancy, under five weeks.  Ivy was able to talk to both the sonographer and Dolly about where she was with her decision.  She was still undecided and felt she needed more time.  Another ultrasound appointment was offered and Ivy accepted.

A few weeks later Ivy returned for her repeat ultrasound.  She had been thinking a lot about what she was going to do and had been in contact with Dolly via telephone in between her visits.  After weighing the options, Ivy decided to continue the pregnancy and parent.  She shared with Dolly before her ultrasound that she was so grateful to the staff at The Sacramento Life Center.  She said she really appreciated how kind and understanding everyone was.  Ivy told Dolly, “You are the reason I have decided to continue my pregnancy.”   

Ivy went in for her ultrasound, but sadly discovered the baby’s heart had stopped beating and she was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage.  The baby would have been six weeks and five days.  Ivy was very upset by this news.  She was given a referral to an OB/GYN for follow up care.  Ivy spoke with Dolly briefly after the ultrasound and told her how sad she was, but how grateful she was to have learned so much about LIFE.           

Meet Baby Colin

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