Christy came into the clinic for a pregnancy test and shared that she was undecided about continuing her pregnancy.  Actually she was leaning towards getting an abortion. Because, she and her boyfriend didn’t believe they were ready for a baby.  They were young, having just graduated from high school and planning to go to college.

Christy was living with her parents who were supportive of any decision she wanted to make, but she didn't want to put a burden on her parents.

April, Christy’s Life Center patient advocate, spoke kindly to Christy explaining fetal development and showing her, her baby’s approximate stage of development. Christy said that she couldn't believe that her baby had a heartbeat at just 21 days after conception and that the eye color and the sex were already determined. It was then when she began to have second thoughts about aborting her baby.  It became more real to her that she was actually carrying a baby and not a blob of tissue. 

After making an ultrasound appointment, Christy left the office.  April was hopeful that she would change her mind and carry her baby to term.  April anticipated the day Christy would come in for her ultrasound, but the day came and went, Christy didn't show up. Feeling disappointed and concerned, April called her and could only leave a message. April really wanted to talk to Christy and hoped to make contact soon.  On a second attempt, April was able to speak with her. Through the course of the conversation, Christy said that she was going to carry her baby and parent! April was overjoyed and encouraged Christy by telling her she had made a good decision. Christy shared that she was seeing a prenatal doctor and had an ultrasound.  She and her baby were doing well. 

The last time April spoke with Christy, she shared that she and the father of her baby were getting married that week. She said that she was happy and looking forward to being married. Christy expressed how grateful she was and that she appreciated all the help she received from the Life Center.  She said it meant a lot to her to know that she had someone to go to for help and direction.

Meet Baby Colin

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