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By going to and signing up on your computer devices, the Sacramento Life Center will receive a percentage of each purchase you make at over 1800 online stores.

The steps to sign up are fast and simple and you can give to the Sacramento Life Center all year long just by shopping!

Shop for clothing, electronics, office supplies and more through stores such as Old Navy, Amazon, Office Depot and so many more.

You can keep track of your donations through the website.  Be sure to tell your friends!


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Unplanned pregnancies have not stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic and neither has abortion. While abortion clinics have not rested during this time, neither has the Sacramento Life Center!Read more

Donate Diapers Through Amazon

*With the increased number of patients needing these items, we ask that you donate through our baby registry.

The SLC Baby Closet is...Read more

Another View: Women deserve full information on abortion

Misinformation leads many leading figures to declare crisis pregnancy centers a "threat to public health." But the truth couldn't be further from the accusations.Read more

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