Emily's Story

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Two years of support through our many programs.

Emily and her husband, Peter, and their eight children, (three of whom have special needs), were
referred to the Sacramento Life Center (SLC) during the pandemic. Both she and her husband had lost
their restaurant employment due to the shutdown. Peter was able to find a job in construction, but
shortly thereafter was badly injured on the job, required surgery, and was unable to work once again.
They were struggling to make ends meet and provide support for their large family. They had fallen
behind in rent and utilities and needed necessities such as food, clothing, medical care, and baby
supplies for the younger children. Their situation was dire.
The staff at the SLC jumped to their aid, referring them to local charities for food and medical help. They
received baby supplies for their youngest two children. This abundance of support was still not enough
to help them through multiple crises. SLC applied for a special grant, specific to their family’s needs,
and received $6000 to help them catch up on rent, utilities, food, clothing, medical bills, and other
necessities. It was a Godsend for Emily and Peter.
During this time Emily became pregnant with baby number nine! The team at the SLC was there to
help her with all her pregnancy needs, even providing her with a car seat, stroller, crib, highchair, and
everything she would need to bring her new baby into the world.
Beautiful Baby Amelia was born in April of 2022. Emily continues to come to SLC for baby supplies and
support and to bring her beautiful children in to visit with the staff. Recently, with our Benevolent
Program, we were once again able to help the family with rental assistance. Emily also attended our
Memorial for the Unborn to find healing from two past miscarriages. It is an honor to be able to help
such a wonderful family and have them as part of our Life Center family.


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