Baskets4Babies Raised $13,000!

Women and daughters joining Baskets4BabiesThe Sacramento Life Center’s seventh annual Baskets4Babies drive for new moms raised $13,000 from the community in December, which will buy 260 baskets for Sacramento Life Center patients throughout 2021. The drive is held each December to kickstart the 500 baby baskets needed so that every Sacramento Life Center patient who gives birth in the coming year can receive a basket of needed items, including diapers, clothing, bottles, formula, homemade blankets, bibs, bathing supplies and more.

Donations will be accepted throughout 2021 and can be made online at by writing Baskets4Babies in the message box on the donation page. Gifts can be made in any increment, but a donation of $50 buys one basket. A pledge of $50 per month guarantees a mother can return each month to the center’s baby needs closet for additional necessities until her child is 2 years old.

“2020 was such a difficult year for so many families, especially those with few resources who are expecting a new baby,” said Marie Leatherby, executive director, Sacramento Life Center. “Thank you to everyone who donated to this drive so we can give pregnant mothers practical and necessary items and show them that they have a family here at the Sacramento Life Center and a community surrounding them in this new year.”

The Sacramento Life Center’s mission is to offer compassion, support, resources and free medical care to women and couples facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy.


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