Baby Bottle Drive is in FULL SWING!

Baby Bottle Drive 2023 2
Help a student fill their baby bottle before Easter

The Sacramento Life Center's Annual Baby Bottle Drive is in full swing! Volunteers of all ages at your local churches and schools are participating, filling their bottles with cash, checks and coins. This particular fundraiser was our 2nd largest each year; our annual gala and auction being the 1st. Since the pandemic hit in 2020, we were unable to have the success we have had in the past, due to COVID restrictions. We need your help to build this event back to where it was in 2019, raising over $60,000!

All proceeds raised will go to funding FREE pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and baby needs to any woman who walks through our doors.

Show your support by helping a student or parishioner fill their baby bottle to turn in after Easter Sunday. It's not too late to get your own bottle to fill! Click the box below for more information.



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